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Busta Rhymes! They say Iím a DAREDEVIL when it comes to acrobatic moves on the dance floor. Last January, I encountered a slight neck injury that took me two weeks to do my stuff again. And after some treatment, I went back to basicsÖbreaking the dance floor again but now with a combination of breakdancing poses. Well, thatís me, a streetdance addict who does only one thing --- going beyond my limits.

Dancing is not just a common thing. The body aside from the perfect coordination must also feel the groove from within. And Iím proud to say that I have that skillÖthe most important factor in streetdancing --- the GROOVE. I can do the streetdancing movements such as the wave, the locks, the pop, and even breakdance. Would you believe that my first performance happened also on the street?

Yeah! You heard me right. I was 9 when I exposed my talent to the public but it was vey embarrassing though for me now. Try to imagine a breaker dancing cha-cha in front of many people on the street. Man, I danced cha-cha. Whooah! Thatís terrible. Anyway, I got something good in return and those are standing ovation and a hundred pesos. WOW, I didnít imagine that I could earn money while enjoying.

To be serious, I donít care much about the money whenever I perform (well, thatís beside the fact that I usually donít get even a single cent whenever I perform in school). But thatís basically the true essence of streetdancing, performing in front of the public showcasing your skills up to the last drop of your energy.

Right now Iím an active member of the UP Streetdance Club and Iím very proud to be a member of this prominent organization in our university.

And there you have some facts about me. PEACE TO ĎYA ALL!